The Brick Lane Gallery

Curated by Silvia Arfelli
The Brick Lane Gallery | E16SA
Preview: Tuesday 21 January 6pm-8.30pm
Exhibition open: 21 January - 3 February 2014


European collaboration is the result of the circulation of knowledge and people and art is the international language which brings peoples and cultures together.

On Tuesday January 21st 2014 at 6 pm at the Brick Lane Gallery (196 Brick Ln, London E1 5SA) in London there will be the inauguration of the exhibition “Italian Method” curated by the art critic Silvia Arfelli. The exhibition – with the participation of twenty artists, mainly painters, coming from all parts of Italy – will be open to the public until February 3rd.

After the shows organized in the past years in Paris and Berlin at the Galerie de l’Europe and at the Reuss Galerie respectively, this is now the take-off of the third phase of this project –drawing inspiration from the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy– which sees figurative art as the only unifying language between artists coming from different regions of Italy and as the direct heritage of the great history of Italian art, the influence of which lives on today in the DNA of contemporary artists.

Going beyond the most predictable interpretation of the concept of unification, the project envisaged exhibitions of the Italian artists in Paris (2011), Berlin (2012-2013) and London in 2014 to then conclude the tour in Brussels in 2015 in the institutional venues of the European Union, so that the work of the Italian artists can look at a dialogue among citizens and cultures which surpasses the Europe of economies and bankers.

The exhibition “Italian Method” at the Brick Lane Gallery displays the following artists: Rosanna Anelli (Salerno), Pamela Aquili (Macerata), Fausto Beretti (Marzabotto), Carlo Berti (Florence), Luciano Cantoni (Cesena), Raffaello Luigi Ceciliato (Venice), Silvia Cimatti (Forlì), Nicla Ferrara (Reggio Emilia), Claudio Frassinetti (Modena), Carla Garbieri (Rome), Patrizia Garavini (Bologna), Isabella Guidi (Ferrara), Valentina Lanzoni (Imola), Maria Cristina Martinelli (Reggio Emilia), Giancarlo Muzzolon (Aosta), Gilberto Piccinini (Milan), Adriana Rigonat (Trieste), Silvia Scagliarini alias Claudia S. (Bologna), Piero Serra (Castelfranco Emilia) e Stefania Zini (Reggio Emilia).

The ART IN MIND exhibition programme is open to all artists from all over the world.
Our future ART IN MIND will be on the 4th - 17th March 2014. To take part in any future exhibitions please contact

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